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Neuron EV Unveils its own Electric Pickup

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We have another potential EV pickup truck trying to break into the market.

Ahead of Tesla's electric pickup truck reveal, Neuron EV released their own images for their electric pickup.

The startup revealed the pickup and a semi-truck at the Shanghai Import Expo in China last week.

The pickup is being called the T/ONE and the semi-truck is called the TORQ .


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Interesting. Apparently you can reserve one but there is no info on what to expect or what is required to submit a reservation besides providing your name and email address. In addition, there is absolutely no specs for any of their EVs on their website. Ironically they don't even list the T-ONE in the EV pulldown menu.

The "Tech" page only provides a silent video that loops. Below the video has following text "Neuron EV’s distinguished quality standards are created from advanced technology and precision craftsmanship." That's it - nothing else.

The FAQ section is long but provides no useful information about their EVs, options, production, projected time line, price, etc.

If you click on Reserve and select T-ONE, then scroll down you will find additional info/pics about the T-ONE. (Odd way of getting to it.) First, the T-ONE can be configured as a tractor (to pull a trailer), truck (pickup) or a van. The first two can be either a 3 or 4 seater. I will say it looks very roomy and those bucket seats do look comfortable, especially the back row as they have pop out leg rests (like a Lazyboy). There is also an option to the have the back row a bench vs bucket seats but it's still considered a 4-seater. (Looks roomy enough to fit 3 on the back bench - perhaps on 2 sets of seat belts?)

The van can be configured as a 5 seater (1+2+2) or 6 seater (2+2+2) across three rows with cargo space behind the 3rd row.

The pickup or van are not that bad looking. I recall reading in a Cybrtrk forum someone posting they were hoping the Cybrtrk was a little less edgy and the Rivian R1T was a little more edgy. I'd have to say T-ONE pickup kind of fits between the R1T and Cybrtrk, at with regards to looks. (Clearly no specs yet to compare.)

My take - I don't know what they displayed at the Shanghai Import Expo in China last week. You would think they would have pictures on their website or videos on their YouTube channel but I didn't find any.

My take - Based on a lack of any technical specs and reservation information, I'd stay clear of this one until they can publish something of substance. Something about this company makes me uneasy - Fisker-like but worse.

Has anybody else looked into them?
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Yeah the information around this truck is very sketchy. I haven't been able to find much either.

If this is actually going to become a reality, we're multiple years away.
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