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Interesting. Apparently you can reserve one but there is no info on what to expect or what is required to submit a reservation besides providing your name and email address. In addition, there is absolutely no specs for any of their EVs on their website. Ironically they don't even list the T-ONE in the EV pulldown menu.

The "Tech" page only provides a silent video that loops. Below the video has following text "Neuron EV’s distinguished quality standards are created from advanced technology and precision craftsmanship." That's it - nothing else.

The FAQ section is long but provides no useful information about their EVs, options, production, projected time line, price, etc.

If you click on Reserve and select T-ONE, then scroll down you will find additional info/pics about the T-ONE. (Odd way of getting to it.) First, the T-ONE can be configured as a tractor (to pull a trailer), truck (pickup) or a van. The first two can be either a 3 or 4 seater. I will say it looks very roomy and those bucket seats do look comfortable, especially the back row as they have pop out leg rests (like a Lazyboy). There is also an option to the have the back row a bench vs bucket seats but it's still considered a 4-seater. (Looks roomy enough to fit 3 on the back bench - perhaps on 2 sets of seat belts?)

The van can be configured as a 5 seater (1+2+2) or 6 seater (2+2+2) across three rows with cargo space behind the 3rd row.

The pickup or van are not that bad looking. I recall reading in a Cybrtrk forum someone posting they were hoping the Cybrtrk was a little less edgy and the Rivian R1T was a little more edgy. I'd have to say T-ONE pickup kind of fits between the R1T and Cybrtrk, at with regards to looks. (Clearly no specs yet to compare.)

My take - I don't know what they displayed at the Shanghai Import Expo in China last week. You would think they would have pictures on their website or videos on their YouTube channel but I didn't find any.

My take - Based on a lack of any technical specs and reservation information, I'd stay clear of this one until they can publish something of substance. Something about this company makes me uneasy - Fisker-like but worse.

Has anybody else looked into them?
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