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Hello Everyone,
I just got the following email... my order was R1S and I am not expecting in 1st schdule...
you guys can check your self where you are ...

In May, we reached out to some of you, via survey and Guide conversations, to see if you were interested in reconfiguring your preorder to take delivery sooner. The volume and enthusiasm of the responses told us it was a path worth exploring. We tested this approach with customers across a spectrum of preorder dates to ensure it would be valuable, and now that we’re ready to launch this new online experience, we’ll no longer need to send individual email surveys to additional customers.

Introducing the R1 Shop

This month, we’ll introduce the R1 Shop, an online experience that gives invited preorder holders the opportunity to swap their current R1 configuration* for a new configuration with expected delivery in the next 6-8 weeks or sooner.

The first shop invitations will go out to some of our earliest R1T preorder holders this week, and we’ll continue to add invites on a rolling basis weighing factors like preorder date, current configuration, and vehicle availability. Once invited, you'll have access to the R1 Shop for one week, to give as many of you who are ready to make the shift the chance to do so.

Rivian will continue to build to order, however, there are often opportunities to more quickly receive your vehicle if you have flexibility in your configuration. The R1 Shop has been created to allow you to look at vehicles that are available due to last-minute order changes from other customers as well as our intentional use of batching for some of our more popular combinations. Of course, if you prefer to get exactly the configuration you preordered, this process won’t impact you.

Refreshed Delivery Window Estimates

This week, we’ll be updating delivery window estimates for some preorder holders. This first round will prioritize two groups of customers:

Preorder holders with updated delivery window estimates in 2022

A 2022 window means purchase day is in sight! There’s a lot to coordinate, from vehicle trade-ins to quotes for insurance and financing. Your window will let you know when it’s time to start thinking through the details.

Preorder holders who no longer have delivery window estimates in 2022

As we’ve continued to ramp production, we’ve seen some customers’ delivery windows move up while others push back. This includes much anticipated updates to many of our R1S preorder holders. For those who’d previously received an estimated window in 2022 but will now be later than that, we want you to have this update so that you can adjust your plans accordingly.

For all other preorder holders, we plan to share updated delivery window estimates on a rolling basis through the remainder of the year.

We hope all of this adds some clarity on when to expect your Rivian. We’re so excited for you to get behind the wheel, and we know that you are, too.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Tony Caravano
Head of Rivian Customer Engagement

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By bigger concern is that under the heading of

Preorder holders who no longer have delivery window estimates in 2022”

Is the sentence:

“This includes much anticipated updates to many of our R1S preorder holders.”

Does this mean all of us as R1S holders no longer have delivery window estimates in 2022?
I just make a call to Vinice Center which is located in souther California (near by Los Angeles), the person who talk to me said the following.
1. They had done 1st delivery of R1S on May 31st, he does not want disclose the area or customer name.
2. They are ramping up the R1S deliveries month by month.. and we will see more deliveries going forward.
3. 2022 orders will be deliver in 2023.
4. they are also going to arrange test drive (40 to 45 min) for R1S and it would happens some time in Q3 2022.

Let's hope we will see good news sooner or later...

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