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Hi Al,

I bought a. second hand RT and am loving the speed, ride, and creature comforts. Mine came with the 21 street tires so I purchased the 20" off road package and it now looks tough...er.

WIth 2K miles I have had good luck except with quality except for the toneaiu cover which is broken half open and awaiting repair.

The phone proximity key does not work great, sometimes it unlocks several feet away and other times you have to tough the handle and wait 2-3 seconds, even after yesterday's update.

My only other disappointment is the auto wipers - they do not work well and that's after Rivina looked at it and said they worked as designed. They just don't come on until there is a lot of water on the windshield. Other cars I have are way more responsive.

I've been following the site for a while, have made a few posts, and am awaiting permission to post my old street wheels for sale.

I look forward to learning an offering more.

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