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Hello all,
Received R1T yesterday. Black/Black 20AT. Absolutely fabulous.
Several questions for you all.
1) We are fortunate to be an all EV family (2020 Tesla MY). When my wife goes to her Tesla, the Rivian wakes up (lights come on, handles come out). I would like to know if there is a setting where the lights don't all come on. I don't mind the handles coming out, but its a bit much!
2) The nav seems a bit skimpy. It doesn't seem to show all of the various chargers out there. I did a trip on the nav (Ann Arbor, MI to Marquette, MI.....450 miles). Nav barely showed any charging stations. I have plugshare, but Id rather the nav pick up all of the chargers out there.

All in all, i'm like a teenager right now. Love, love, love it.
I disabled proximity lock/unlock some months ago. I didn't like the truck unlocking when I was six feet or so away. I have tried it after the last couple updates...probably should, but really have been waiting to see if sensitivity can be adjusted. Open when I'm a foot away, would be good...
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