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I sure hope they lower the prox. settings ASAP. I saw another post about owners complaining that when you're in a building and your R1T is parked outside, the prox. sensor reads you as close enough and unlocks the vehicle.

Sure enough, I was at a restaurant yesterday and walked up to a parked R1T that had its handles out and was unlocked. The vehicle was not in a line of site with any windows and I'm pretty sure the Owner was in the restaurant and had no idea his car was very obviously unlocked.

I'm not sure why anyone needs their car to unlock and their door handles to come out when they are still 6+ feet away from the vehicle.

I think all Rivian needs to do is lower the sensitivity so it only works when you're actually standing in front of the driver's side door. Shouldn't need to disconnect the feature entirely to get it to do what it was designed to do.

Hoping everyone starts asking for this so we'll see it in an update soon.
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