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Our Rivian arrived on a flatbed (photo attached) from Miami, FL. It was a tough decision where to accept delivery - Colorado or Florida, but we have a home charger in FL so this was the deciding factor. My husband is hesitant to drive it due to all the technology, but I'm Rivian's ideal enduser, so I'm having FUN!! I will find any excuse to drive it --mail a letter, need more milk, you get the picture ;-) We will be taking it on a four-day road trip to CO in May so it will be interesting to see how the roadway charging affects our drive each day. I've heard horror stories of long charging times due to slow chargers, chargers that don't work and locations at full capacity. I hear there is an online group that offers their home charging stations to people on the road. Has anyone on this forum used this method? I look forward to reading more customer thoughts on this forum, but right now... I have to get more dog food ;)


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