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New Rivian Order Tracker - Enter Your Configuration Here

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Now that the configurator has been released, it is time to organize a new list where everyone can share what they ordered. As vehicles reach production, we will be able to see as a community which configurations reach pre-order holders first, and which configurations are built later. Please take 2 minutes to join the effort and enter your configuration.

Step 1: Complete Short Form Here
Step 2: Confirm entry in this discussion thread
Step 3: View Results

Share the reservation tracker so we can add more entries. In the future, the thread will be updated with interesting statistics based on the entries.
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R1T (switched from R1S because R1T can tow substantially more )
400 mi + battery (no brainer)
Adventure Pkg.
Ext. color Limestone
Blck Interior (bummed there wasn't a beige or caramel interior option....A white interior in a truck is just plain crazy..how could anyone keep it clean? )
20 inch Offroad tires

Now to wait for another eternity......
1 - 1 of 778 Posts