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New Rivian Order Tracker - Enter Your Configuration Here

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Now that the configurator has been released, it is time to organize a new list where everyone can share what they ordered. As vehicles reach production, we will be able to see as a community which configurations reach pre-order holders first, and which configurations are built later. Please take 2 minutes to join the effort and enter your configuration.

Step 1: Complete Short Form Here
Step 2: Confirm entry in this discussion thread
Step 3: View Results

Share the reservation tracker so we can add more entries. In the future, the thread will be updated with interesting statistics based on the entries.
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Updated. But I have changed colors 3 times already for both exterior and interior. Is nobody else struggling with color selection? Not seeing cars live is difficult. El Cap Granite and Black Mountain it is....for now. Very intrigued by Launch Green, but need to see it to know. Rivian Blue is awesome, but for how long will I love it on the R1S? I have issues...I know.
I am in the same boat, allthough I haven't changed yet. Husband didn't like the color I picked for interior. Trying to decide what colors would look best together. Glad I am not the only one. Got R1T in white, forrest interior, now considering Rivian Blue, la silver. We have time.
1 - 1 of 778 Posts