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Fit and clearance is fine on standard ride height and with full suspension travel there has been no rub. My guess is the tire is out about 5/8" at the side wall from stock but there is a bit more tire bulge which is good, the rims have more curb/rock protection because of the 8" rim width which helps compensate the lower offset of the 8.5" stock rim width. Offset was a factor but the backspacing was where I had concerns due to the caliper clearance. I tried a Dodge SRT wheel with similar specs (20x9 25MM offset) and it did not fit due to caliper rub. Not a lot of aftermarket options so far and I wanted to keep the wheels inside the wheel well and keep the on rails handling. I am happy with what I found with both looks and fit.
Thanks for the great info!

Did you consider going with 275/60R20 tires instead of 275/65R20? 60's seem to be closer to the 21s in terms of circumference and potentially better efficiency as well as more tire options and lower prices?

I am also in Colorado and will most likely go with a similar setup since the 20" Rivian options are so pricey, so much appreciated!
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