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Hey Everyone,

We've been lurking for awhile, but figured it's high time for an introduction.

We're a handful of industry vets who grew up 4-wheeling, racing, and towing. Our team began their careers in the automotive aftermarket, working for companies that have since been acquired by names like Holley Performance Products and others. Early on, we saw the writing on the wall (some of us sooner than others) and moved to the EV side of things supporting pre-Model S through Model 3 efforts at Tesla. When the worlds of trucks and EVs began to intersect (finally!), we then spent several years in electric truck manufacturing at a growing OEM.

Over the past few years, we recognized a need starting to arise as electric trucks have begun to gain traction. As it stands today, you are either a "truck person" or a "car person" (sorry El Camino owners). The ability for a vendor to understand you is made even more difficult as these segments break further into EV and ICE vehicles. As longtime members of these tribes, we intimately know that none of these factions fully understands the other. That is why we founded Electruck4x4.com where our sole purpose is to enhance the ownership of electric trucks and SUVs like yours.

Our catalog currently contains a mix of products aimed at customizing and protecting your Rivian (other truck and SUV makes soon if you're into that, too). Over the coming years, we aim to cater and develop additional parts and accessories designed to set your truck apart, take it further, and keep it looking great. As we do so, we look forward to partnering with owners like you to understand your pain points and source high quality solutions for them. We welcome your thoughts and feedback regarding the electric truck ownership experience and your needs. We encourage you to reach out to us here or via email at [email protected] at any time.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your community and we look forward to serving you!

-Brenton and the rest of the Electruck4x4.com team!
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