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Official Welcome Thread

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Welcome to Rivian Owners Forum!

This thread is for any first-time posters to introduce themselves and give a small description of who they are, as well as any further details they wish to include. We would also like to remind everyone to fill out their profile by uploading an avatar and to fill out the signature section. By doing this, our goal is to help establish a greater sense of community among Rivian owners and enthusiasts. Alternatively, you can create your own dedicated introduction thread as many have done already!

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I took delivery on my (GW/BM RUS 20") 2022 R1T on March 6, 2023. It has a PTC, which was disabled at the SC just before I took delivery. I chose this one from the shop specifically because it had the PTC (which I hoped would work without the issues that so many PTCs have). I hope that Rivian comes up with an updated PTC s00n, but am not holding my breath. I just ordered some fence panels, to make my own manual tonneau cover, to get me by until the PTC is functional.

I’ve always liked Rivian for the design of the vehicles and for they’re lean towards adventuring ‘ over landing / off reading. I currently own and enjoy a 2016 RAM Power Wagon but am seriously considering a Rivian in the next years time or so. I’m here to learn as much as possible from current R1T owners, especially those who overland their Rivians.
Placed my R1S order in November 2020. Original estimate was June to Dec 2022. Next estimate was July to Sept 2023. Latest estimate is Jun to July 2023. 21" wheels on order that I plan to powder coat black. Not an off broader and mileage difference going to 20" doesn't make much sense.
181 - 193 of 193 Posts