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Thought the Rivian community might enjoy this fact-filled, hard-hitting information piece that I recently found in my in box. The email urged me to forward it to the many others out there who are unaware that EV's are being foisted on a gullible public who do not know that climate change is a hoax being perpetrated on them by Big Science.

Are you sure about electric cars saving our atmosphere?


Imagine Florida with a hurricane coming toward Miami. The Governor orders an evacuation. All cars head north. They all need to be charged in Jacksonville. How does that work? Has anyone thought about this? If all cars were electric, and were caught up in a three-hour traffic jam with dead batteries, then what? Not to mention that there is virtually no heating or air conditioning in an electric vehicle because of high battery consumption.

If you get stuck on the road all night, no battery, no heating, no windshield wipers, no radio, no GPS (all these drain the batteries), all you can do is try calling 911 to take women and children to safety. But they cannot come to help you because all roads are blocked, and they will probably require all police cars will be electric also. When the roads become unblocked no one can move! Their batteries are dead.

How do you charge the thousands of cars in the traffic jam? Same problem during summer vacation departures with miles of traffic jams. There would be virtually no air conditioning in an electric vehicle. It would drain the batteries quickly.

Where is this electricity going to come from? Today's grid barely handles users' needs. Can't use nuclear, natural gas is quickly running out. Oil fired is out of the question, then where?

What will be done with billions of dead batteries, can’t bury them in the soil, can’t go to landfills.

The cart is way ahead of the horse. No thought whatsoever to handle any of the problems that batteries can cause.

In France, thousands of taxis are now stored as inoperable because the batteries are dead and to replace them would cost more
than the value of the vehicle!!!

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Hopefully no one is gullible enough to believe this rubbish..

I never heard about the abandoned EV Taxi fleet in France, so I looked in to it... seems the cars "are part of a fleet from a failed car-sharing service, and the vehicles shown in the field are being resold or sold for parts." Fact check link below:
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