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Has anyone gotten order updates now that the Jan. 15 date has passed?
I changed my Max Pack 4-Motor configuration to a Large Batt and started getting automated emails immediately. Got contacted by my Guide and discussed things. She said she would see if she could find my (new) configuration in inventory and if not it would beging production on Feb 1. Haven't heard from her, but got a ton of emails about the 8 step process and even started that process... I noticed on the Purchase Agreement there was an acual VIN. Today, I get an email from the Center at the Plant saying my truck passed pre-delivery and they wanted to schedule a tour and pick up....

I told them to slow the roll....I've been asking for a test drive to over 2 years and I have a few more questions....Guide couldn't tell me when I'd get my wall charger..... I haven't even run the electricity for it..... things went from zero to hero and they better not act like I'm the hold up.....had 3 different guides now....and never even knew I had the first 2.....

BUT, I'm confident I'll be driving that truck inside of 2 weeks! :)

On a side note, I completed the Xpel form and have had 4 local companies contact me and give me quotes.... One of which has a "Rivian" quote (edges don't wrap, doesn't include pillars, roof, skidplate & door trim...) and a normal quote, difference of $3200!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts