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Now that I have had my R1T and have about 650miles on it there were a few things that I wondered where they are in the UI screen and low and behold some just don't exist yet.

I reached out to my Guide and CS to discuss the process for requesting additional functions through an OTA.

One of these was already a function but my dumb ass didn't reread the manual to see it... 🤦‍♂️

The typical "mist" function for wipers desired - A quick push of the left stalk end button does 1 wipe without washer fluid, long press is fluid and wipe. Now I know... 🤷‍♂️

Auto tilt/dip side view mirrors when placed in reverse
- I have submitted this request with the function being driver preference based, with your selections of L only, R only or both L/R mirror glass to tilt/dip downward when you place the truck in reverse. Cameras a great but I use my mirrors a good deal.

Parking light/Day Time Driving Dash Symbol - Silly but why not, right?!? Change the icon to match the Rivian's iconic headlight design, not some canned image of a light...
Rectangle Font Signage Brand Graphics
needs to match this more, haha
Rectangle Parallel Font Automotive exterior Pattern

Who else has submitted OTA ideas, if so what were they?

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So what is the process? Is there a web form to fill out or email address to send to? I asked my guide but she just said to email her any bug reports or feature suggestions. I did, but who knows what ever happened with that. Could've gotten ignored. So wondering if there's another way to submit.
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