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I did same thing. It took 7+ days for the ownership to transfer. They said it typically takes 1 day... but far from the truth. Well, at least for me. Getting Guide assigned took 3 business days. Calling the guide to expedite the transfer is nearly impossible. The guide never answers the phone or replies to email. Maybe he was on PTO.. Who knows.

My experience with Guide and customer support, so far, isn't so great..

Other than that, the car is great. I paid 105k for 1400 miles car.. but no regret so far.
They’ve told me now, first send this and did. Then it was send this instead and I did. Now it’s we need to call the previous owner and make sure they authorized the sale. I bought from a dealer who purchased from an auction. Took delivery with 270 miles, paid $106k which is what I can build the same thing for on the website.

Kinda pissed it has now taken over 5 days and nothing has been done. The key fob on this thing really blows.
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