Jonny Lieberman shared his 6-month update with owning his R1T.

Last June, I took delivery of Rivian R1T number 5020, in Compass Yellow over Forest Edge (green). Seeing as it's been half a year, and my family and I have covered 7,318 miles in that time, I thought it was time for an update on what life with the world's first electric supertruck has been like. After all, not only is my truck a fairly early build, but Rivian is a brand-new company. For the most part, the ownership experience has been overwhelmingly great. I don't think I've ever been as happy with anything I've ever bought. Maybe my second WRX, a 2006 wagon in Subaru Rally Blue. Maybe. The R1T hasn't been perfect, but it has been even better than I thought it might be. Let's dig in.

Before the nitty-gritty, the anecdote I've busted out the most: After about four weeks of ownership, my wife said, "I don't think I've been to the gas station in a month!" (Her sense of the passage of time is impeccable.) We'd briefly discussed the benefits of owning an electric vehicle before buying the Rivian, but neither of us fully grasped the reality of having a car (or truck, in this case) that refuels by charging at home. We're also lucky that, if we ever did forget to plug it in overnight, we have two fast chargers within a couple miles of our home. LA, baby. Knock on wood, we have yet to forget.