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Picked up my Rivian R1T in Vancouver last Friday.

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Picked it up Friday afternoon. Delivery was pretty smooth, if I weren't an hour early it probably would have been even smoother.

Mine is the Launch Green one here.
Wheel Automotive parking light Car Tire Vehicle

They had quite a few they were prepping. Looks like lots of folks going to be happy soon.
Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Sky Cloud

Quick peek from the lounge into the Service Area.
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Car Vehicle

I was an Aug 2020 reservation holder, last estimate was July-August this summer. I missed out the Launch Editions because I wanted the max pack, but then with the changes to the timelines and delays of the max pack with the quad motors and the fact that there are now three times as many charging stations where I drive most I went with the large pack and got that Jul-Aug estimate.

Then, a couple weeks ago, one of the folks at the SC called and asked if I was flexible on my colour and a few other things. They had a LE that had just been delivered to Vancouver (was still in the rail yard) that the original person had decided to not take. They said it was mine if I wanted it, I gave up the skid plate and changed from Forest Green with Black interior and went to Launch Edition, Launch Green with Forest Edge on the 20 inch Brights. I am pretty happy with the decision to take it since it worked out to be that I got more, for less money since the LE's had more things included.

Friday night, drove around quite a bit visiting with friends. I did make sure to go test fast charging for a few minutes, I wanted to make sure that I did not get out on the highway and not be able to charge on the way. The drive home was a good time, the Driver+ Handled the Coquihalla pretty well, even with all the construction. I can say that the weight of the truck helps in water, ran into a Thunderstorm where there was at least an inch or two of water on the road, it handled it like a champ.

Anyway, glad to finally have it, it was a long wait, but I can honestly say, the wait was worth it to me.
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Just wondering if there was an insurance agent on site for you or did you have to bring your plates with you?
That sounds excellent. I read about their insurance company that they were working with so it's nice to hear your experience. Thanks
Can't wait. I've gotten few false emails about configuration the last few months so its got me excited. Seen plenty of R1T's in Victoria so I'm hoping to add to that soon.
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