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Rivian plans to offer different options to utilize the tunnel area. Rivian showed a full camp kitchen that extends out of the tunnel, like below. Rivian plans to offer more built-in accessories that utilize a connection to the vehicle's battery pack.

If you have ever been out with a dog and want to return home, it's a real pain to place a muddy dog back into a truck. Here's where the idea for a pet washing station comes in. This would be a pretty simple accessory, basically powering a spray washer with perhaps a fold out rack for drying a towel or holding supplies. Such a setup could be marketed as a car wash station as well -- use a Rivian to power a car wash sprayer at your home, or use a Rivian as the ultimate mobile detailer vehicle.

A Rivian could be the ultimate vehicle for pet owners.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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