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Rivian R1T (Adventure - CR, BM, 21", Ordered 10/5/2021, Delivered 6/24/2022), Suburban 2500, VW ID.4
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I'm planning on purchasing/making a shell for the back of the r1t. Necessary dirty dog space. My question is will there be a lock out tag out (a way to physically block) the power tonneau from closing and inadvertently closing the dogs below it. That would be a very bad thing.
Agree with CommodoreAmiga. I was told by service just today that they have no way to fully disable /“lock out” the tonneau operation.
No tonneau or manual tonneau seem to be the way to go, but that means waiting longer of course.

There may be a way with the power tonneau. If you start the recalibration and deliberately make it fail (either block it from opening or closing the full way, it will disable the buttons and the screen from activating the cover, and default to a known location. Mine was unable to open, and thus defaulted to fully closed, but (this is why I say it MAY be a way) I would assume if you open it, and block it from closing, it would default to the open position. Of course you get a message every time you get in the truck to tell you to recalibrate, but you can ignore that.

Aside from that, service does have a way to disable it, as they told me they could either make mine fully open or fully closed before a replacement could be installed.
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