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Hi. Thanks for posting. Your truck looks simply amazing. Makes me think maybe I should switch back to El Cap Granite.

I’ve never heard of this product. Curious - is it supposed to retain that shine I see in the photos or is it just for protection?

Also, difference between ceramic coating and PPF? Why did you choose to do back half/front half?

Also, any clues on overall cost?

Thanks in advance for the info!
Not the expert, but here is what I understand:

1. Diff in PPF & ceramic? Ceramic is essentially a coat of glass over the original paint coat. The ceramic provides a hard shell protection of the paint against scratches and chips. The PPF (Paint Protection Film) is a wrap over parts of the vehicle that prevent things like rock chips and scratches to the front and other parts of the vehicle. As I understand, PPF is prone to tears ad punctures, which can look bad. Contrarily, ceramic is hard to maintain (gentle hand wash only).

2. Front half and back half are more prone to rocks, chips, etc. from the road, hence it seems common to just do the front and/or rear.

3. Costs: This varies. I have seen as high as $11,000. $4K to $6K seems to be the mean range. Folks to seem to think its worth it. I personally am on the fence. XPEL stealth wrap is running around $4500. Their front wrap package is $1500.

Good forum thread re: detailing with great pictures.
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