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Hello everyone,

I pre-ordered mine on Feb 2019. Configurator is up and I keep asking myself whether to go for the R1S or R1T. Thing is my wife will want a minivan no matter what, so I could go for the R1T. On the other hand, if I get the R1S first, she may give up the minivan idea.

My wife is kind of a range-anxiety person. Her ICE car is in half tank and she asks me to fill it up on my trip to Costco. I have a BMW I3 and she doesn't use it when it has 70 miles range because of what if something happen. It is a hard sell. On top of that, we cannot get the 400 miles R1S because we have two dogs and two kids and family visits every once in a while, so 7 seats is essential for us.
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