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R1s shop access - nothing available

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Long time lurker, first time poster. I just recieved access to the r1s shop, but there is nothing on there. Those who have had access before. How often is it refreshed? Getting very excited.
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I think there's too much free stuff on the LE's so they skipping most of y`all out and going to Adventure reservation holders' orders. unless of course you have a Dual Motor or Small pack configuration both of which are not being worked on. ...yet. They will be making Dual motor MaxPak next and will want the new order money or revised RH money from those orders which is $89k + on T & S with no spec but MaxPack. If you don't get your order by the end of the 3rd Q, i think you could be in for another year wait. They need revenue to make things look good on the stock market. Making the cheaper LE reservations is not going to get them there at the pace they are producing.
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