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R1s shop access - nothing available

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Long time lurker, first time poster. I just recieved access to the r1s shop, but there is nothing on there. Those who have had access before. How often is it refreshed? Getting very excited.
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I was granted access to the R1S Shop only last week. There were several offerings each day but as of this morning, this is what's displayed:
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My understanding is that what's in the Shop is different depending on your location, so what I or you see offered (or not) may not be what someone elsewhere sees.
Thanks for responding. Didn't know it was location depended, but I guess that makes sense. I had figured they were all sitting at the plant, but they must be at different service centers.
there were about 30 vehicles there yesterday evening. All colors and configurations, including my next ride - hope to see it grace my driveway in 2-6 weeks (R1T, Quad, Limestone, 22"wheels)
Nice! Congrats. But I think R1T and R1S shops are separate.
I have questions I'm hoping some of you can answer. I'm a pre-March 1 R1S reservation; actually made it under the wire by just 26 hours.

At present, I have a January - June 2024 delivery window, so still a ways out from delivery even if my window improves with updates.

At such time, if any, that I'm given access to the R1S Shop, and if I find a unit there that I'd like to take, here are my questions:

  1. Will I pay the post-March 1 higher price or will I still be able to take advantage of the old price point?
  2. Regarding the tax credit, will this still count against my pre-August 2022 sales contract?
Thanks to any of you who know the answers and have the time to share your knowledge.
My understanding is the price is locked by your order date. So if you have pre-increase pricing then the shop shows that pricing model.

As far as the tax situation, I am assuming that it will be the same for either. When you signed the agreement in August there was no Vin number attached.
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I recieved an email, but also when you login you will see a green banner that tells you that you access to the R1 shop.
I've only had access for a week but I'm seeing a recurring pattern in the R1S Shop.

First thing in the morning, the Shop usually has the message "We're all out for now." A check later in the day will typically have a few cars listed, and it looks like those then get scooped up pretty quickly. Since the R1 Shop varies by location, this is a comment that applies to the NE/Mid-Atlantic area only. And of course, there's no way to tell if the buyers snapping up those vehicles are long-time R1S reservation holders or more recent folks given access to the Shop. Still interesting though, and I wonder if folks in other areas are seeing the same kind of pattern. If they are, can we then conclude that the R1S is selling like hotcakes?
I live 5-10 miles from the plant. Check just about every hour. So far nothing. Granted I have only had access for 36 hours. So I know I have to just be patience.
For the second day running, the R1S Shop has had the banner "We're All Out For Now." What's offered in the Shop varies by region, so this may not be the case elsewhere.
Same for me. Did you lose your delivery date estimate when you got shop access? My estimated date changed to "processing estimate" when I got access.
Several popped up at 11am central. Went with a blue/oc 21 in. Which was my original configuration.
Are all of you with Shop access LE reservation holders or are there some Adventure holders who have access now?
I was not, reserved about 2 years ago. Original delivery date was September/ December this year.
So you’re a R1S Adventure reservation?
Yes I am.
I think there's too much free stuff on the LE's so they skipping most of y`all out and going to Adventure reservation holders' orders. unless of course you have a Dual Motor or Small pack configuration both of which are not being worked on. ...yet. They will be making Dual motor MaxPak next and will want the new order money or revised RH money from those orders which is $89k + on T & S with no spec but MaxPack. If you don't get your order by the end of the 3rd Q, i think you could be in for another year wait. They need revenue to make things look good on the stock market. Making the cheaper LE reservations is not going to get them there at the pace they are producing.
The configuration that I chose was a LE. And I am pretty sure the other 6 that were available LE. 3 of them were launch green.
Why don’t you just ask your Rivian Guide?

Didn't have a guide until I chose a configuration on the shop.
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