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Today I went to use the compressor after a few months of ownership. With colder temps the tires were low by about 4 lbs. I discovered that the compressor nipple was mounted too far inside the housing (see Pic) for the supplied hose to connect.

I called service, and apparenty the first available appointment here in Bellevue WA in in MARCH of 2023 (yes 111 days to first appointment). This was the case for both moble services and driving over there in person. Since this is too long I looked to see what could be done.

I carefully cut the housing back to allow the hose to lock on the nipple. 10 carefull minutes with a dremel and voila. Worth checking to see if you have the same issue BEFORE you are on the side of the highway with a flat.

Side note - in the air compressor hose bag there is a liquid flat fix kit that could come in handy as most of us do not have spare tires.

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