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R1T Driver and Passenger door badges. Loose 'I' badges

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PSA: My R1T is about 10 days since delivery. I noticed that the 'I' letter for the driver and passenger doors were loose. I ended up using painters tape to make sure I had the exact location of the badge and proceeded to remove the badges. I replaced the adhesive with the 3M automotive grade adhesive and it looks like it did the trick.

Looking at the other letters. 'R','V','A','N' seems to be much more stable because there is more surface area for adhesive and also the adhesive is in varying angles unlike the 'I' which is only medial in orientation.
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I de-badged the passenger and driver Rivian letters. I then removed large Rivian letters on rear of truck, cleaned and painted Black Satin. Reinstalled using same 3m tape you used. I have El Cap. Looks great. i live North Shore Kauai- wet. Keeping side Rivian clean between lettering takes toothbrush cleaning each wash. Not worth it to me. No big deal either way. I did keep letters- YYI- a new entire set of Rivian badging fromservice center runs $450.
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