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As an introduction, I’ve had my R1T launch edition since April 2022. It has 6500 miles on it. I had a truck back into me within 2 weeks of delivery so I have had the experience of having my R1T repaired which took about a month and also had the week where it was gone for the recall. I love the truck for its driving. There are issues that I have with it but I accept the it because they are minor and I accept that as an early adopter, things will improve. I count myself fortunate that I got mine for $75k and I should get the tax deduction.
Biggest beef with the truck is the infotainment system. The map and navigation is pretty bad. It’s either dated or simply wrong about newer roads and the traffic conditions are not accurate at all. I don’t need car play, but I feel like Rivian could have done a better job partnering with other apps such as SiriusXM, Waze, PlugShare, Amazon prime etc to enhance the experience. I have towed with it and had no issues. Charging hasn’t been a problem for me. I’m not so sure I need Rivian to build some proprietary charging network. I think I would rather see the company motivate other EV companies to open their networks or collectively lobby for federal dollars to create a robust charging network. I didn’t buy the truck to save the planet because EVs won’t accomplish any meaningful short term change. I bought it because I believe it is part of a logical progression for personal transportation. I think a really cool idea would be battery packs that could be easily switched out. One could imagine stations along the highway that you could pull in, swap out your battery for a fully charged battery and then be on your way. There are probably technical challenges, but it’s seems to me that with some agreed standards on how EVs are constructed, we could move to a set of standards that would allow for a cheaper and more efficient charging experience, much like gasoline engines. Anyway, happy to finally contribute to the forum. If there is any endorsement of Rivian, a month after I had the R1T, I placed an order for an R1S. I’m willing to wait for things that I believe are worth the wait!
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