Attention interested parties wanting to purchase a Rivian R1T Launch Edition, customizable to any specifications they’d like and delivered 6-8 weeks following the confirmation of the their vehicle configuration.

Our intention is to sell our position in line to someone who would like their Rivian R1T LE in 6-8 weeks (or immediately if you use the R1 Shop) rather than waiting years. It has the added benefit of giving the buyer access to a “Launch Edition“ (aka “LE”) which as you likely know, is no longer an available option and comes with many included features that come standard with the LE but not with the the currently available models. Also the Launch Edition is considerably more valuable because of the limited run and it is literally the first production of the R1T.

NOTE: Seriously interested potential buyers only please. If you haven’t the means or the intention to make this purchase please disregard this message. The reason we haven’t done this sooner is because it was proving to unbelievably time-consuming sifting through and responding to the pool of “casually curious” Rivian’s enthusiasts who seemed to have not done any significant prior research.