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Great find.

I suggest everyone go through these time stamps:

Journalist and offroad racer Emme Hall talks to me about her experience driving the Rivian R1T electric 4X4 in the Rebelle Rally, a 8-day offroad navigation event and a very good test of the vehicle. We cover everything from charging to handling to tyre sizes and one-pedal driving.

00:00 introduction
00:45 about Emme and the test
03:20 introducing the R1T
05:20 range, charging
05:50 range extrapolation
06:50 nature of the rally's terrain
09:05 tow charging
12:00 initial impressions, difference to ICE vehicle
12:35 storage, gear tunnel, frunk etc
13:15 why not just use a generator to recharge?
14:00 how the R1T was charged in the desert
15:52 what's it like inside the Rivian; comfort, height etc
17:05 how far away is the R1T from showroom-ready
18:20 air suspension discussion, performance
20:15 high speed handling
22:30 individual wheel drive discussion vs diffs, lockers
27:00 dynamics of the car with IWD
27:48 are EVs more or less fun than ICE?
29:20 one-pedal driving and regen offroad
31:50 driving without the assistance low range
33:50 crawl control and ATPC
34:55 throttle response and driving modes
36:40 anything that R1T couldn't do?
37:25 batteries - 135 vs 180kWh, production vs pre-prod
39:35 effect of temperatures
43:15 driving on tarseal/pavement/bitumen!!!
44:20 NVH (noise/vibration harshness)
46:35 quietness of EV
47:40 reliability problems
49:30 navigate in miles or km?
49:50 compressor noise and use
51:10 wheel/rim diameter

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Thanks for posting the video @Babbuino! It was interesting to hear that during the race they never had the battery below 25% between charges and that they would get to 80% with a 30 minute charge.

I really hope they let Emme drive the 180 kWh battery R1T for the race or for another review.
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