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First, I would like to thank everyone for all the great information that has been posted on this forum. I've really enjoyed reading all the reviews! I've learned so much and I wanted to give a little back.

Here my experiences thus far with my R1T - Adventure Package:

I placed my order in September 2021 and I was told that my R1T would be available between Oct - Dec 2022. I was surprised when I was offered an earlier option for delivery late last month. We live near the San Francisco Bay Area.

After I spoke with my guide for the first time in May, I was under the impression that I might take delivery within a few weeks. Two days later I was matched with a VIN!

My guide and the pre-delivery experience was pretty good, but not perfect. The guides are very helpful, but there were times when communication was a little vague. I would recommend some patience and flexibility during this process. It takes more time than going to your local dealer, but in some ways it was better. The 8-step process is well thought out and pretty easy to use.

I took delivery in South San Francisco on June 1st and I was really impressed with everything, including our on-site representative. Our truck was washed, waxed and totally ready for our arrival. I really enjoyed the time and effort taken by our SC rep to make sure we understood the vehicle before we took possession. I didn’t see any panel or equipment issues I've read about during inspection.

Ownership Thus Far:

I’m coming from a 2016 RAM 1500 Rebel and a 2017 Porsche Macan S. I sold both and now we just have the R1T. I'm blown away by this truck. Everything I read is pretty accurate. It rides exceptionally well, it's powerful, fun to drive, and the software interface is excellent. I'm impressed with what Rivian has been able to achieve with this truck - It's truly remarkable.

What I love:

1. User interface and cabin design. Nice materials, very comfortable and solid color choices. Back seating was a wonderful surprise. It feels very open with the panoramic roof. It’s easier to talk with front seat passengers and I think it provides a better view out the front windshield.
2. Software updates are like Christmas
3. Alexa works pretty well, but I will miss Apply Car Play
4. Outside storage is amazing
5. I love the phone app and everything it brings. No doubt it will get even better with time.
6. I really like the wireless charger. It’s fast and seems to work well when you find the right spot.
7. I never saw the Rivian Blue color in person, but I love it.
8. The R1T is smooth and drives similar to a larger SUV. I would compare it to a BMW X5.

Some regrets and cons:

1. I ordered the 21" wheels and no spare. I'm now thinking I should have ordered the spare and all terrain wheels. This was a hard choice made harder by not being able to look at the vehicle in person. It's difficult to switch at the last minute due to the delivery process. I pulled the aero inserts and I like the stock rims better without them, but they look unfinished without the center caps. I’m exploring some of the ideas presented on this topic.

2. I ordered the cross bars and rubber floor mats. They did not come with the truck and it might be 2-3 weeks before I see them. No big deal, but harder to carry things like paddle boards for now.

3. I received the Rivian wall charger the night before delivery, which didn’t leave anytime to get it installed before the R1T arrived. I discovered last Friday that we need to have some electrical work done before we can charge at home. For now we are using a near-by fast charger.

4. I’m not in love with the center console storage area. Rivian needs to redesign this area so that you can organize personal belonging better. I would recommend a two-tiered center box like you see in the RAM. A glove box could be nice for DMV, insurance, and other documents.

As a last note, I received trade-in and financing offers from Rivian. The trade-in offers were pretty-low compared to some of the other quotes I received. I ended up selling both vehicles to Shift. I received $14,000 more by shopping around (total for both). The process was a total pain and I would have gladly given the cars to Rivian if the numbers were closer. I didn’t use the financing, but it looks to be on par with other banks.

I hope some of my notes will be helpful and I'm happy to answer any questions.

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Thanks for your info here. I pick mine up in SSF next week!
I hope I get the charger prior to that so I can set it up and not have to make a jury rigged charging setup, I guess we'll see.
I think the Guides don't have much insight to other inner workings, my vehicle had left the factory - but they didn't know when it would arrive in SSF (I got a text from them today!) Still not sure when the charger etc will arrive.
I was initially going to have them deliver (I am in Santa Cruz) but I think I will end up picking it up to avoid additional delays.

Our paths sound pretty similar - I was a Max pack reservation, switched to a Large pack earlier this year hoping to get a delivery this year, was rescheduled for August/September and then got an invite to the store. Once I changed the configuration things went into warp drive!

See you on the road!
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