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Delivery was Dec 19 ‘22
Preorder was Jan 5 '22
Oct updated delivery window Jan - Feb 2022
Aug (reconfigured a few times to drop kitchen, tent, max pack, added powered tonneau etc in favor of getting something soon) did not get powered tonneau
I opted for Shop access which I think accelerated process
a little earlier delivery.

First impressions
It’s a great vehicle. (Also have Model Y Performance).
Very comfortable suspension, everything in the right place as expected.
Interior details and lighting are beyond expectations in some regards.

Service Center…
It’s a cute millennial retail store.
Drove 100 mi on highway home from Brooklyn Service Center - leaving the service center was a bit harrowing.
Lived in NYC 15 years and drove regularly. Still, taking delivery of a new truck in Brooklyn strikes me that Rivian should expand north of NYC into Hudson valley, plenty of customers here and they can build an experience center. Logistics in city is not fun.

More access to cameras please, turn signal blind spot, rear cam in reverse with tailgate down not so useful
Charge mat relatively ineffective

More suspension options, can be a bit squishy with extra rebound at times. Stiff suspension I was expecting to be more like MYP (rigid).
Little bit of off-road on property and it wants to climb over everything no issues.

I decided not to buy the Rivian charger and bought Lectron adapter for the Tesla charger. Took 13 hours to go from 17% to 70% at 120V 48A. I’ll have to look into this a bit more but I’m assuming charging on the Rivian charger is faster? Anyone else?

I wanted a bike rack in the truck bed (I also have crossbars coming). Bike (road/gravel/mtb). I’m going to mount the Built Right Ind Molle & mount some wheel trays to the Molle. Cross bar through frame and/or webbing as redundancy & safety measures.


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I plan to get the 20” AT Wheels
The 21” road wheels… well they are OK. Definitely better looking w plastic covers popped out. Rumors that these tires wear quickly.

Road trip-
Not sure how many road trips I’ll be doing until there is more access to DC fast chargers, right now Tesla seems the better choice along my routes NW and S.

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I live very within 45 min of Kingston and got my R1t in November. I cringed at the thought of driving in and out of Brooklyn with a new truck, so my guide organized a delivery. It came with a working tonneau cover, crossbars and winter floor mats, probably one of the last to have everything, I needed service on a window and again was offered an appointment in Brooklyn, I declined and asked for mobile service. Our area mobile service tech (Tom) came within 2 days and has come twice now to replace a part. It seems like Newburg, Poughkeepsie or Kingston would be great locations for a service center, instead of bunching them all around NYC. My Rivian charger adds about 27 miles per hour.

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Mine is the Canyon Red R1T in Stone Ridge, since June. I hate the Brooklyn trip too but have been able to combine other NYC business with two SC visits. Service was overly generous with Uber and Lyft passes. If you are from NYC, Brooklyn driving should be normal, not nerve wracking!

Former M3 driver here… this is not your daddy’s Tesla, comparisons are meaningless I’ve learned to live outside the Tesla charging network and road trips can be amazing fun in this vehicle. Only people with bad charging experiences post on the web. Millions of successful level 3 charging experiences go unreported. I’ve done several road trips without problems including across upstate NY to Ottawa recently with no range anxiety. In Adirondacks now. Get ABRP!

You need a 220 volt line. 50% charge on 135kw battery is is 68kw. 110volts at 48amps (if you really got that) is 5.3kw per hour or ten miles. 12,9 hours from 20% to 70% is right on the money. It’s all arithmetic.

Your puny M3P battery was only 82kw, so of course it changed up faster from 20% to 50%. It also only had 450hp, not 960. It also only did 0to 60 in 4 secs (really) , not 2.9, and it only had a usable real world range of 220 miles or less in winter (really) and it would not take a single 4x8 sheet of plywood home from Lowe’s unless they cut it into three little pieces for you… never mind a stack of ten of them.

What the Rivian does not do that my Tesla did every day is overpromise. My R1T does not try to kill me four times on every drive because FSD doesn’t work. It doesn’t leave me sitting at an unlighted charger in Paramus on a cold dark winter night trying to R/T from the City. It also does not change lanes easily on driver plus… I miss that feature from my Tesla. And I would like driver plus on more roads. Otherwise it’s adios Tesla.

So please make full and fair comparisons of total vehicle and be amazed by the overall capabilities of your beautiful new truck. Kiss the Tesla goodbye… I know that’s hard, I’ve been there… get a 220 volt line and ABRP, take a road trip and come to Stone Ridge for lunch sometime… you can buy!

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You're not going to be happy with a 120 volt charger cord. Please investigate the Autel. I have a 48 amp hardwired charger cord (requires 6 gauge wire on a 60 amp breaker). The Lectron adapter will be handy for Tesla destination chargers, "friends" who have a Tesla charger, and (if they ever open it up to us).

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make full and fair comparisons of total vehicle
Got ABRP thanks for the tip. I think our nearest Level 3 is Poughkeepsie?

Charging etc
Yes I’m on level 2 w Tesla & Lectron 120v on 60amp breaker getting 48A. I got 62kwh in less than 7h40min, 8.2kw p hour. One thing I think I notice in the Session Summary is that the the charge time keeps running, despite saying complete, as long as the R1T still plugged in. So it was complete at 7hr40min for my most recent charge but that’s only when I happened to look at it. I’m not clear on how much loss via the Lectron adapter, I assume there is a tiny bit of loss there.

Full and fair a you’re right, I missed the total battery storage 82kw to 135kw. I didn’t realize how far off these were when I was comparing 300 mi to 300 mi - I assume due to total efficiency and massively different total curb weight.
Yes, Tesla MYP has come up short on range.
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