Tomorrow (Oct. 13th) from 1:00-3:00 pm pacific there's going to be an AMA with Tony Caravano, Rivian's Sr Director of Customer Experience on the Rivian subreddit.
Hey everyone!

Happy Tuesday. This week, in lieu of your regularly scheduled Rivian Roundup, we've got something special for you. Over the past several weeks, the r/Rivian mod team has been chatting with a name you know well: Tony Caravano, Sr Director of Customer Experience at Rivian. We've been sharing your feedback, top feature requests, and coordinating a way for you all to hear from Rivian directly - something you've told us you wanted! Great news. This Thursday, October 13th between 1pm and 3pm PT, Tony will be conducting an AMA on this thread.

Tony Caravano

Tony and his team make sure that customers get the best experience possible, from managing the Guides program, customer support, and engagement here to making sure the purchasing process is easy to understand and communicating product updates. If you search your email for "Rivian Tony" you'll see what we mean.

Ask Tony Anything

Tony has agreed to come into our sub and answer whatever questions you may have for him or Rivian. While we encourage you to be open with your questions, remember that Tony works in the world of customer experience and can speak most fluently about that area.

For example, you can ask Tony about…

  • Purchasing process + Guides program
  • Canada deliveries
  • Timing on trims, including R1S Ocean Coast and Forest Edge
  • Delivery window tool + account page
  • His experience at Rivian
  • Recent announcements, etc
Rivian has made efforts to engage with its community and demonstrated they are listening and always open to ideas from us. Please, share what you’d love to see more of from Rivian on social media while he’s here!


Between now and when the AMA begins Thursday, use this thread to ask your questions for Tony below. Upvote the ones you most want to hear the answers to and Tony will prioritize the most popular ones. Between 1pm and 3pm PT, Tony will be present in this thread to engage with them.

Tony will reply under the username u/tcaravano and be marked with an official flair. We'll pin a comment from him at the top of this which he'll use to communicate with you all about when he's engaging or taking a break.

As always, please remember to be respectful. This is a hobby community that exists to help each other, connect, and make the experience of owning a Rivian better. There's no need for any toxic behavior or rudeness. Please feel free to share your genuine inquiries, but be sure to share them respectfully. Any posts that don't will be removed.