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If you bought your truck as an IL transaction, the state of IL apparently won’t issue another temp plate. I guess they figure why should they, it isn’t their problem.

After I complained enough, what they ultimately did for me was gather up all my paperwork and sent it to a local title shop In my county. That shop then did all the paperwork & sent it to Harrisburg. They were then also able to issue a PA temp tag with a December expiry, which they sent along with my temp reg and a new plate (even though it was originally supposed to be a transfer!) back to RegUSA via FedEx overnight, who then overnighted it all to me. So I would hound your guide to do whatever the similar process is in your home state. IMHO it would’ve been way easier for Rivian to have done this same thing (establish a relationship with local title/reg shops) < 50 times & just send those all their title work vs working with the dumpster fire that is RegUSA.
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