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This is a video about how I went about repairing the RIVIAN R1T passenger side door panel trim piece.

The trim piece was sheared off when I escaped the Tank Trap at Hollister (see Part 2 of the series:

This is a longer video as it is describing the options for repair as well as my DIY repair. It includes the FULL call with the Rivian Service Rep. (Time Stamp 3:49 to 10:50). I included it because it is useful to understand how RIVIAN service works right now.

The Video shows my DIY repair. (Time Stamp, starts at 11:20). It was very easy, taking only 15min in total, including adding some epoxy the day before. If it isn't obvious, I am not a mechanic, so those with more expertise might have a different perspective, but I think it turned out pretty good.

The video provides insights as to how Rivian handles repairs, as of May 2022. My hope is Rivian will add the ability to order parts and have them delivered to your home. That is NOT an option as of May 2022. I had to make my best guess as to the clip to order on Amazon. I went with the Rexka clip, but it isn't an exact match. Therefore, I intend to bring my vehicle to Rivian Service Center to buy a new trim piece and have it installed so the vehicle is perfect again for my adventures.
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