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Answer: ZERO!

I have just discovered that when you trade in anything to Rivian on an R1T (not R1S) the State of Rhode Island does not give any credit for the value of the vehicle, passenger vehicle or truck.
Same thing if you later trade a R1T for any other vehicle.

R1S is considered a passenger vehicle so its just like any other sedan etc.

So, if you are getting an R1T in RI, then start selling your ‘trade in‘ Now, privately, to get the best value before your 8 Steps arrive.

I have also discovered that when selling a Tesla Model 3 or Y, the value of having the FSD option is discounted by over 50% or the used car market. So, if you are buying one of those new from Tesla consider that.
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the autopilot utility that I’ve had in my Model 3 for the last two years.
Just disappointed that it isn’t valued in the used car market

Hope to have my LE Compass Yellow, 22 sport blacks in my driveway before the end of the month!

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