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Rivian announces electrochromic glass roof for the R1S and R1T

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Rivian has confirmed on Twitter that it will offer electrochromic glass as one of its roof options for the R1S and R1T. Glass that can turn opaque to transparent, option for the roof of its vehicles:

Customers will also get a choice of a fixed glass panel, standard fixed roof, and a two-piece removable composite roof.

This is a impressive option for someone who's willing to spend the extra money. Though I imagine a lot of people will opt for the removable roof. That would probably be my first choice depending on how much the electrochromic glass is.

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I really wish Rivian would put together some type of document and/or webpage with each of the vehicles "features" to date even if they don't list what's standard or optional at this time. I only mention this because I happen to recall reading about roof options a couple of months ago which is virtually the same as the above tweet. A forum poster found buried in some Facebook group and posted to another forum back in June as such:

"In a FB group, a guy said Rivian told him @ NYIAS that there would be 3 different roof options:
1) Electrochromatic glass with 20 shade/color options.
2) Fixed roof
3) Some sort of removable roof "

It would seem Rivian's Aug 13th tweet response breaks-down #2 into two separate options:
"fixed glass panel (non-electrochromatic)" and
"standard fixed roof (solid; no glass)"

Assuming the "standard fixed roof" would be standard (no extra cost) it will be interesting to see the costs for the other 3 options. Also, Rivian's response was to an R1S roof question. Wonder if the same options will be available on the R1T.

Though I imagine a lot of people will opt for the removable roof.
Perhaps. My last 3 vehicles have had a retractable sunroof and never experienced a problem. However, I've read plenty of forum posts where people claim their removable roof leaked or had some type of problem at some point. Not saying this will happen with Rivian but it might not be as popular as one might think. It will be interesting to see how they designed it.
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The price difference for each roof option is definitely going to be a major factor for customers, especially the electrochromatic one.

I don't see why Rivian would only offer the electrochromatic for the R1S and not the R1T. Most of the articles I've read say that it will be offered to the R1T as well.

I'm also really interested to see how they design the removable roof and how much you can actually take off. Here's hoping it's not prone to leaks for owners.
If the electrochromatic roof option ends up being too expensive, I can see people possibly opting then for the fixed glass panel. Hmm, I wonder if Rivian will provide some type of sun screen/shade or will they rely on the OEM aftermarket?

BTW, just noticed Rivian's tweet response was straight from its website's FAQ section. Go to https://rivian.com/faq/ then on the left click on Products and scroll down toward the bottom.

It seems Rivian is starting to gather some of this information, albeit still lacking detail, within the revamped website's FAQ section. If you haven't seen it yet it's worth a glance over.
I didn't notice that but I'll be sure to give it a look, thanks for the heads up.

Also, if Rivian is offering a removable roof, I wonder what kind of accessories they will offer that uses it. I know they've shown a tent sitting on the R1T's trunk bed, but they could also offer a roof top tent as an option for the R1S.

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features like this have me concerned about insurance rates, anyone inquire with providers yet?
features like this have me concerned about insurance rates, anyone inquire with providers yet?
I haven't asked insurance providers yet. I don't expect many answers from them at this point. Do you think this roof would change rates that much?

Also, I really hope that electrochromatic roof isn't too pricey, that's a really cool feature.
This was filmed back in April at the NY Auto Show but this could be what the electrochromatic roof looks like. It also gives a good look at the height adjustable air springs working.

Rivian also uploaded this video on YouTube that gives a glimpse of the camper option.
I learned recently the Electrochromic skylight will not be offered on the Launch Edition-- I'm bummed!

I think it's a really cool feature, and am now wondering how to keep the cab cool when parked in the sun?
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