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Full Disclosure just Sleuthing for Fun, if @Rivian would like me to remove this post or edit information please let me know. Will update as each version of app is released.

Here are some items confirm to look forward thru in the future (I see evidence of such thought it may not be available to end users it is reported/tracked in App)
  • Owners Manuals
  • Delivery Appointment
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Delivery Status
  • Delivery Courrier
  • Diagnostics ( A lot of key data points, inverter temps, Trq tracking of all 4 wheels)
  • Charge State
  • Car Location
  • Body Closures/Opening (Locks, Gear Tunnel, Frunk)
  • System HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Tire Pressure
  • Odometer
  • Service Appointment
Here are some easter eggs located inside the app that are super neat.

First stand out is WINCH Picture and services thru the App for the following:
  • Controlled Via Bluetooth within Application
  • Free Spool
  • Winch Out
  • Winch In
Tire Vehicle Grille Wheel Vehicle registration plate

Next Stand out were Rivian Activity Band, Key Card, and HVAC Controls/Charger Information.

Key Card
Rectangle Computer Font Triangle Laptop

Wrist Band
White Product Rectangle Automotive lighting Line

HVAC R1T Overhead View
Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Hood Product

HVAC Inside
Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive design Grey

White Rectangle Automotive design Chair Font

HVAC R1S Overhead View
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive design Automotive exterior Bumper

Charger is Made by Wallbox and uses their API for controls/App integration
Cable Electronic device Font Wire Auto part

Amazing Wallpapers for Status, Charging, etc.
Photograph Product Nature Rectangle Art

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Great find @Kanundrum, it would be great if we could see bigger versions of those other photos.

Google Drive link? Dropbox? iCloud Drive? I can help a single large archive if you're willing to send me smaller archives.
+1 for Google Drive, every Google email account comes with at least a few free gigs of storage making it great for sharing stuff like this.

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From a Rivian rep:

"For starters, you will be able to control the vehicle HVAC through the app. You can also set rules and schedule heating and cooling your vehicle depending on max convenience. When the vehicle is plugged in, the battery will be conditioned, and depending on the request and charge levels, the cabin will be conditioning to comfort the temperature after clearing the windscreen of any frost or fog.

In terms of charging, through the Rivian app, you can monitor your vehicle’s charge status in real-time. If you’re at home and your vehicle isn’t plugged in, we can send a reminder. You can also program your charger to turn on during off-peak hours for lower rates.

On that note, if a deposit is placed you will eventually have an opportunity to control the vehicle remotely and pair their phone with the vehicle to use it as a digital key. You can also use the Rivian app to schedule service and track the vehicle and charging status of your new Rivian. You'll also be able to modify account information through the app."

Here's where the Rivian app can be found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
The Rivian app works with your R1T and R1S to make driving and owning your Rivian simple. Use your phone as a key, manage charging sessions and take advantage of other features designed for safety and convenience like:

• Accept delivery of your Rivian

• Make your phone a key to your R1T or R1S

• Manage your charging session and charging receipts

• Lock, unlock your vehicle remotely

• Give friends or family access to your Rivian by making their phone a key

• Check your Rivian's range and current charging status

• Find nearby Rivian chargers and compatible third-party EV chargers

• Pair with your home Rivian Wall Charger

• Connect with Customer Support or call roadside assistance

• Request and manage vehicle service

Download the Rivian app and keep the world adventurous forever.

Get to know us: rivian.com

Product Black Font Car Wheel

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Communication Device Gadget Rectangle Portable communications device Font

Plant Tree Natural landscape Font Sky

Communication Device Mobile phone Gadget Gesture Portable communications device
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