Version 1.4.0 of the Rivian mobile app has been released and de-compiled.

Here's what was found:
(Credit to Rivian App Updates)
We recently de-compiled the newest version of the app and as the change log said:

Our latest update comes with fresh fonts, new pins and summaries of new service requests. This release includes:
-A new pin design for the charging map that shows charger speed and availability at the glance
-The ability to see the details of the service requests you submit in the app

We found a bunch of resource changes to the app reflecting the changes above that you can view here:

And found an interesting change at the end that they are no longer referring to the front trunk as the frunk, they now call it the front trunk. All string references go changed in this last update. Post showing the changes are here
We've heard from a few folks that now their temps are displayed in C vs F, although we can't see why this would be happening app wise, doesn't look like they did anything to the temperature strings/code.

They also updated the winch control code in this version.

New around this form, but intend to post when ever there is a new version so we can take a peak at some of the stuff under the hood.