It looks like Rivian is getting closing to launching an e-bike.

Quotes from Scaringe:

"When you look at transportation over the next 10 to 15 years, core to part of the way we think about our product portfolio is increasingly that we go towards multimodal. We’ll be using vehicles sometimes, public transportation other times, we think increasingly e-bikes, electric assist bikes.

And so for us to be part of that sort of mosaic of different mobility solutions, we have a whole host of products that a number of which are pretty far from what you see here [gesturing to the Rivian R1S electric SUV]."

"The e-bike space is something we’re super excited about. We haven’t announced anything or said anything there. But I do think it is going to play an increasingly important role for transportation, both in the movement of goods for commercial purposes, but also for the movement of people."

"Of course we’ll be moving to even smaller form factors and the way we see it is a lot of deliveries are going to increasingly move to things that are very small. Bikes or e-assist bikes are performing a lot of urban deliveries, and so as a product portfolio, we’ve thought a lot about that."