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3,500 Rivian-dedicated DC chargers by 2023 and 10,000 L2.

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Awesome news! Glad to see that the black holes on I-80, I-90 and I-94 through the Dakotas, WY and MT will get covered! I was personally really hoping for one in Evanston, WY which is not showing on their map, but what they have planned is impressive. Good strategy with the mix of DCFC on thoroughfares and L2 destination charging elsewhere. Rivian vehicles only for the DCFC is nice. Hopefully their $ rates will be reasonable. I wondering what’s causing them to start with only 200kW initially with 300kW later?

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Some great photos of what their chargers will look like.

The Rivian Wall Charger

Up to 25 miles of range per hour of charge
11.5 kW charging speed
Wifi connectivity for OTA updates
Weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use
5-year warranty
Compatible with other EVs using the J1772 plug


Rivian Waypoints

10,000+ chargers planned by end of 2023
At shops, restaurants, hotels, parks and more
Automatic charging for Rivian drivers, just pull up and plug in
Open to the public for EVs using the J1772 plug
11.5 kW charging speed
Locate, monitor charge status and get notifications through your in-vehicle navigation and Rivian app


The Rivian Adventure Network

Exclusively for Rivian owners
3,500+ DC fast chargers at 600+ sites by end of 2023
Up to 140 miles of range in 20 minutes for R1T and R1S
Automatic charging, just pull up and plug in
In-vehicle nav automatically plans charging
Charging rates of over 200kW initially and 300kW+ in the future
Powered by 100% renewable energy

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