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RJ shared these shots on Twitter of an R1S and R1T "winter testing" in New Zealand.
I like the "Enduro" branding! I don't remember hearing that before, but maybe I just missed it.

I am a bit confused about the setting though. I can't think of any other time I've seen a car manufacturer use New Zealand for cold weather testing. They're usually in Sweden or Finland, but its obviously summer there now.

Does the South Island get cold enough for meaningful winter testing?

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New Zealand is not known for temperature extremes, or heavy snowfall, and this trip has all the hallmarks of a boondogle

Snowfall in the snowiest part of NZ, the southern island averages under 10 feet per season, not much different to many parts of New England. Temps in the mountains of the southern island are also pretty moderate too. It's supposed to be breathtakingly beautiful there though . . .
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