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Rivian hires dozens of employees from Ford, McLaren, Tesla, Faraday Future, and Apple

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It looks like Rivian has gone on a hiring spree of employees from other car and tech companies.

It's being reported by The Verge that they've hired employees from companies like Ford, McLaren, Tesla, and Faraday Future. Rivian has also appointed its first chief technology officer, Mike Bell, who was a VP at Apple and helped introduce the iPhone.

This is a pretty good haul for Rivian and it's a good power play to show that they're not going anywhere. Especailly when an electric car company like Faraday Future is letting employees go.

The startup has hired dozens of employees from Ford, McLaren, and Tesla, according to hundreds of LinkedIn profiles viewed by The Verge, though the biggest contributor is a fizzling would-be rival, Faraday Future. Rivian has hired about 50 former Faraday Future employees, including at least 34 since the struggling startup put workers on furlough late last year.

In addition, The Verge has learned Rivian recently appointed its first chief technology officer: Mike Bell, a longtime Apple VP who helped bring the iPhone into the world.

The hirings show that the race to bring the first long-range electric pickup truck to market is heating up. Rivian appears to be making a concerted effort to beat companies like Ford, Tesla, and GM to market. Part of that, of course, means hiring away their experts.

Michael McHale, Rivian’s director of corporate communications, confirmed Bell’s hiring to The Verge. As for the rest of the hires, McHale said Rivian is going through the “natural hiring process and is always looking for people with the right skills.”
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This is a very strong move by Rivian, I really like it! Gives them an even more diverse team to build on the R1S and R1T.
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