This new 30-minute video Rivian Automotive put together is a company sales pitch to investors that are likely to partake in the Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Slides: Presentation - NetRoadshow

Intro 0:00
Part 1 /Who is Rivian? 2:04
Part 2 /The Rivian Ecosystem 4:02
Part 3 /Electric Adventure Vehicles 5:52
Part 4 /The Rivian Experience 7:59
Part 5 /Electrifying Fleets 13:20
Part 6 /How We Build 16:31
Part 7 /Designed for Scale 17:54
Part 8 /Our Market Opportunity 20:00
Part 9 /Our Team 24:54
Outro 26:48

A user in the r/Rivian subreddit shared these key points from the presentation.
  • 9,000+ employees
  • 140 miles of range in 20mins
  • RAN could be opened to other vehicles in the future
  • RCV has Driver+
  • RCV vehicles will capture data to be used for developing more advanced autonomous driving
  • Amazon fleet to be "the largest centrally managed EV fleet in the world".
  • FleetOS will also support management of ICE vehicles.
  • "expand into other fleets ... and eventually fleets that are moving people" (I wonder what this refers to? Buses? Autonomous taxis/shuttles?)
  • "proprietary charging platform is built specifically to power commercial fleets"
  • Nearly 3,000 employees at the Normal plant
  • Battery pack and drive units both manufactured in Normal
  • Can increase production to 200k units at Normal (from current 150k capacity) as "additional vehicle variants" are introduced and the facility expanded
  • "Pace of change needed across the mobility sector is unlike anything the developed world has ever seen" - RJ
  • "Our goal is to build Rivian into one of the most recognisable brands in the world" - RJ
  • "Plan to broaden and diversify our vehicle portfolio. Launching additional consumer and commercial vehicles with diverse form factors, price points, use cases, and geographies." - RJ
  • "We're pursuing international expansion beginning with Western Europe and Asia Pacific" - RJ
  • "Plan to expand our energy solutions portfolio. We developed core capabilities in power conversion and energy storage to power our vehicles and charging solutions and there are tremendous opportunities to build on these capabilities in the residential, industrial, and commercial markets." - RJ
  • "build additional domestic and international factories" - CFO