Details of what Rivian plans to do for commercial van fleet outside of Amazon is now on the automakers website. They will offer an entire ecosystem of vehicles, software, charging solutions and services designed to increase uptime and lower operating costs while helping businesses achieve ambitious sustainability goals.

Read more about it here: Fleet - Rivian

Electrify your fleet
Efficient, sustainable solutions for your business and the planet.
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Rivian Ecosystem
Simplifying electrification at scale.
Our integrated ecosystem starts with our proprietary platform, which has been designed specifically for fleet vehicles for maximum efficiency, safety and functionality. Rivian FleetOS unifies full fleet telematics, charging, maintenance, purchasing and resale into a single platform. Our energy and charging solutions are built specifically for commercial customers’ needs. Everything is backed by our 24/7 support team including Rivian Mobile Service and our nationwide network of Rivian Service Centers. By integrating the entire fleet experience, we’re able to reduce the total cost of fleet ownership to levels unmatched in the industry.
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Rivian Commercial Van
Built for business.
  • Sets new standards for safety, performance and longevity in fleet vehicles
  • Interiors designed for superior driver comfort and ergonomics
  • Includes comprehensive, flexible, industry-leading warranties
  • Available with all-wheel drive and ADAS technologies that increase driver safety and operating efficiency
  • Configurable models ranging from 450 to 900 cubic feet of cargo capacity, with options for integrated factory upfitting
  • Flexibility of CCS1 charging
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Rivian FleetOS
Advanced fleet management.
  • Our proprietary management platform helps optimize and automate fleet operations to improve your total cost of ownership and maximize uptime
  • Cloud-based tools conveniently accessible on multiple devices
  • Comprehensive oversight for routing, remote diagnostics, collision reports and driver safety and coaching
  • Easy purchasing, leasing and resale that simplifies ownership
  • Integrates non-Rivian products to manage mixed-vehicle fleets
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Energy and Charging
Power for demanding schedules.
  • Engineered specifically for fleets to help you achieve an exceptional total cost of ownership
  • Our team of experts work with you from initial planning to installation providing a full turnkey site deployment solution
  • AC and DC chargers compatible with CCS1 electric vehicles
  • 24/7 monitoring and over-the-air troubleshooting, with maintenance and repairs through Rivian Mobile Service and Service Centers
  • Up to 100% of your electricity consumption can be matched with renewable energy to help you reach your sustainability goals
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Service and Maintenance
Where you need us.
  • Our connected vehicle platform enables us to remotely identify and resolve many service needs to proactively prevent downtime
  • Rivian Mobile Service, our network of technicians, arrive where you need us, maximizing your fleet’s uptime
  • For more extensive repairs, we will transport your vehicle to a Rivian Service Center, and return it to you, ready to resume duty
  • Customized warranty coverage can be managed through Rivian FleetOS
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place a fleet order?
In early 2022, you’ll be able to use our online fleet configurator to plan and place your fleet order. Until then, please fill out our contact form to stay up to date on fleet products.

Will you have leasing and financing options for fleet orders?
We are finalizing our plans for lease and finance programs. We expect to make an announcement about these services in the coming months. For the latest information and details on our lease and finance programs fill out the contact form for the latest updates.

What is FleetOS?
Rivian FleetOS is our clean sheet, fully integrated fleet management platform. It features everything you need to manage your vehicles with easy-to-use tools and powerful dashboards that offer insights about the health, performance, service, charging and utilization of fleets at any scale.

Our fleet management platform enables fleet managers to operate a safe, cost-effective fleet with ease.

When can I take delivery of fleet vehicles?
Deliveries of the RCV are scheduled to begin in early 2023. In the meantime, fill out our contact us form for a consultation call with someone on our Fleet Sales team.

What makes Rivian's charging solution different from competitors?
Rivian provides a comprehensive solution to support you throughout your entire fleet electrification journey. This starts with a detailed assessment of your fleet’s operation. We design the optimal charging infrastructure based on your use case and site specifications. We can deploy our hardware at your fleet yard, workplace or driver's homes and operate the system through our in-house developed back-end software. We offer 24/7 monitoring, remote troubleshooting and dispatch technicians when needed.

We can provide financing solutions tailored to your needs, as well as on-site and off-site renewable energy to ensure that your fleet operates with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

What types of vehicles are Rivian’s fleet charging solutions compatible with?
Rivian chargers are compatible with all CCS1 electric vehicles, both passenger and commercial vehicles for fleet, home and depot charging. Our range of charger installation options (including overhead, pedestal and wall mounts), cable lengths and cable management systems allow charging of vehicles of different sizes and varied charge port location.