Detailed plans for Rivian’s charging network in North America have been released, with the up-and-coming electric truck brand taking a page out of the Tesla playbook.

When completed in 2023, it will feature 3,500+ DC fast charging stations at 600+ locations throughout the US and Canada, with up to 140 miles of range added in just 20 minutes. A detailed map of the locations is posted above.

These fast chargers on the Rivian Adventure Network will start off with 200kW capable stations. 300kW+ chargers that make up to 140 miles of range in 20 minutes possible are set for a later date. Rivian won’t say when yet.

This network will only be for Rivian owners. As you can probably tell by looking at the map, it covers many well traveled routes with many key ones open this year. Rivian even included remote destinations.

The Rivian Adventure Network Charger

In addition to this exclusive charging network, Rivian will also develop its own broader network of EV charging stations for all electric vehicle owners.

Initially, Waypoint chargers at convenient locations – like what you’ll find with Tesla’s Destination Network – will be installed and deliver just 25 miles of range per hour of charge. These will use the J1772 plug type and charge at 11.5 kW. Rivian plans to have 10,000+ of them live by 2023 and be accessible to the public, Rivian owner or not. July 2021 is when the very first of 42 confirmed Waypoints will get installed at Colorado State Parks.

Rivian Waypoint Charger

When it comes to locating a station and everything related to charging, it can be done through the Rivian App and Infotainment screen. Here you will even see compatible chargers not on Rivian’s network. When you do use Adventure Network or Waypoint chargers, they will automatically charge your Rivian R1T or R1S as soon as you plug in for added convenience.

Pricing is still unavailable.