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Rivian is looking to avoid Tesla-like service issues

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It's been no secret that Tesla has had its ups and downs when it comes to servicing and repairing vehicles. Which is a concern for other EV startups, especially with Rivian.

It appears that Rivian is well aware of this issue and is trying to find a solution that is easy for everyone. CEO RJ Scaringe spoke with The Fast Lane Car and discussed the issue of servicing,
“So, we’re spending a huge amount of time solving service,Not just in your big cities, not just in LA or Seattle, but if you buy a car and you let’s say live 50 miles out from the city or live 200 miles away from the city… How do you manage that? So, those are some of the harder sort of challenges we’re thinking through and making sure it’s easy to service the vehicle."

"I think any great brand…that customers are going to be excited about and that customers are going to want to be part of, it has to fundamentally reset expectations. It has to disprove untruths. Tesla took the untruth that electric cars were boring and slow — that they were glorified golf carts — and they disproved that. They showed people that an electric car can be exciting and fun.”
I'm not sure what the best servicing solution for Rivian is, but they're going to need a strong group of specialists ready to go since they most likely won't have brick and mortar dealers.
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Yep, saw that video as it was posted in thread "Rivians might be able to perform "tank turns"."

Servicing is certainly a big unknown at this point and at or near the top of a lot of people's check list. Glad to see they, RJ and Charles and I suspect others at Rivian, are acknowledging *and* planning for this important aspect for future Rivian owners and quite frankly the success of Rivian. This could easily sink a company if not done well. Really curious how this unfolds and hopefully soon or at least before we have to commit our pre-orders later this year.
I wanted to make sure this thread has all the latest info on Rivian's service plan.

Some important info below on service and warranties.

Q: When calling about service, who do I call—the Service Team or my Guide?

Either is fine. The Rivian Service Support Team is available 24/7, staffed with Rivian Service employees who have extensive training on your vehicle. They are always here to help and will be your primary point of contact in setting up service appointments and getting issues addressed. If you prefer, you can also contact your Guide who will ensure you get connected to the right person.

Q: How do over-the-air (OTA) updates work?

You’ll receive a notification and details on the update via the Rivian app and through your in-vehicle information display. You can perform the update immediately or delay it until a more convenient time (during an OTA update, your vehicle is inoperable and needs to be in park). Updates are best delivered through WiFi but can also be performed over a cellular network. You can also schedule updates to occur at night, so they don’t interrupt your day. The duration of each update varies depending on the size of the update and your Internet speed, but they are typically well under an hour.

Q: For how long is Roadside Assistance included with my vehicle?

Roadside Assistance is included in our new vehicle warranty—for 5 years or 60,000 miles. You can also extend Roadside Assistance beyond your warranty. We’ll share details on this extension when ordering your vehicle.

Thanks for all the great questions. If you missed our recent charging and service posts, we’ve included them below. If you have more questions, please visit our Support Center where you can also find links to call, chat or email. Look for more updates soon!
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Plus, here's a link to the growing number of service center and retail locations

5 years / 60K miles! That is pretty darn good.
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