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Rivian has their focus on dealing with the end of their world with their newest patent application.

Their submitted patent is aimed at protecting drivers and passengers from hazardous materials using its in-vehicle systems and autonomous driving technology.

According to the patent:

Current autonomous vehicle technology allows an autonomous vehicle to transport passengers between destinations without being directly controlled by a human driver. However, due to an absence of a driver, an autonomous vehicle may encounter unexpected or unusual circumstances that the autonomous vehicle may not be able to autonomously handle or mitigate. For example, the interior of the autonomous vehicle may become unpleasant or even unsafe due to presence of hazardous or biohazardous material. Current autonomous vehicles are unable to properly respond to such an occurrence, leading to an unpleasant or dangerous experience for an occupant.

The R1S or R1T would have a gas sensor to determine what kind of threat it's dealing with. It could start with just cracking open a window or it could mean that the vehicle has to drive to a safer location on its own.
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