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Inside EVs did a big comparison between the iX and other EVs like the R1S, e-tron, Model X and Lyriq.

They used the iX xDrive50 with 20 inch wheels and the R1S with the Large battery pack and 21 inch wheels in the comparison

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I just test drove the iX today. it was a loaded model MSRP at $108k. I never driven an R1S (which I ordered) but have test driven the R1T with AT tires. my thoughts of both...
1. BMW is lighter and certain feels that way driving it. I think it is 1,000 lb lighter?
2. driving dynamic on the road is better. yes, it is a BMW. but the R1T I drove had AT tires so that is hard to compare. tires make a big difference.
3. interior....not sure i like the suede fabric all over dash and door. generally looks very nice. different from an R1 but I think both are very good.
4. Hans Zimmer's sound....yeah..it's pretty cool. I hope someday we can custom that ourselves on any car.
5. packaging of interior space is very good. very roomy front and back seats.....but the trunk is small. so I'd prefer the R1S or T for utility space.
6. what? no frunk??!!
7. carbon fiber B pillar structure??!!! really??? looks cool when the door is open. but i' not sure how much of it is really structural and how much for looks. and yes, it looks cool

will I give up the R1S for an iX? maybe....it is just a different SUV. we have a BMW now and had another one before. they are nice cars. it does cost more. I feel like the R1 right now are the best valued for sure especially for those who has the old orders price. for the new price...it is pretty even. long term ownership..?? I don't know. only time will tell.
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