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Rivian R1T dimensions

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Rivian is calling the R1T a mid size pickup as its 136 inch wheelbase sits somewhere between a single and double cab version of the Tacoma. Its slightly smaller than that of the Ford F150 coming in at 5.4 meters long and 2.1 meters wide. These dimensions should give it better articulation when off-roading, as well as making it a more manageable vehicle to drive within the city.
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While the off road credibility of the R1T looks great, alike the F150 few of them will ever see a trail. There is a big demand for more mid sized trucks however, and even the new Ranger is a bit larger than many were hoping.
While the off road credibility of the R1T looks great, alike the F150 few of them will ever see a trail. There is a big demand for more mid sized trucks however, and even the new Ranger is a bit larger than many were hoping.
Not sure why you say that they will never hit the trail after I get done showing my best friends that is the first place I am going
Maby do Schnebly Road
Its on the Jeep (HEEP) list
Was it necessary to bring back this old thread? Was value added?
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Was it necessary to bring back this old thread? Was value added?
Didn't know I was bringing it back
Rivan shared more details on R1T exterior dimensions and it includes specs along with other details

We’re kicking off a national tour this summer to start getting our preorder holders behind the wheel. You’ll be able to take a drive, learn about key features and see our colors and attention to detail firsthand. We’ll release dates and timing in the coming weeks.
Until then, we want to give you a closer look at the R1T here on our stories. This week, we’re starting with the exterior. We’ll follow up soon with a look inside. In later posts, we’ll do the same with the R1S.


To get a sense of scale, Gideon is 5'9'' and the truck is set to off-road mode, equipped with our 20'' All-Terrain wheels.

To get a sense of scale, Gideon is 5'9'' and the truck is set to off-road mode, equipped with our 20'' All-Terrain wheels.
We get this question a lot. When designing the R1T, we focused on making sure it was large enough to comfortably fit five passengers along with their gear but not so large that it would be hard to park or fit in a garage. This balance led to dimensions that fall between today's mid-size and full-size trucks — we aimed for a sweet spot where the vehicle delivers equally across a range of competing attributes including interior space, bed dimensions, enclosed storage volume, vehicle dynamics and ease of everyday use.


All dimensions based on R1T with 20 All-Terrain wheels

All dimensions based on R1T with 20" All-Terrain wheels


When designing a vehicle from the ground up, every space is an opportunity to be functional. Our team spent years in the field observing how trucks get used on adventures — both the epic kind and the everyday kind.
Our front trunk is a clean, lockable space large enough to fit a half-dozen full grocery bags or two full-sized coolers. It opens and closes automatically with the app, fob, in-vehicle controls or an exterior button under the lightbar. A cargo net helps store loose items, lights turn on automatically and there’s a 12-volt outlet so you can run power. A removeable platform on the floor reveals an additional compartment for storing things like your Portable Charger.


A photo in this story

If the R1T had a mud room, it would be the Gear Tunnel. At 65'' long, it’s where you throw slushy snowboards and sandy beach blankets to keep the mess out of the cab. The doors, which also serve as a seat or a step for accessing the roof, can be opened automatically using the app, in-vehicle controls or buttons on the bed rail. Inside this watertight space are automatic LED lights and both 110-volt and 12-volt plugs. The interior is lined with a durable, easy-to-clean floor making sure you are comfortable getting it dirty.
Inside each door panel we’ve added a hidden compartment to stash the little things that always seem to get lost or roll around — the perfect spot for a leash and some tennis balls when heading to the dog park.


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The ideal-size truck bed changes depending on the situation and personal preferences. We wanted to make sure it could easily fit a wide range of gear and cargo while also keeping it compact to minimize rear overhang and overall vehicle length, important both for off-road driving and maneuvering in tight spaces. To help ensure we could support a range of use cases, we developed a gooseneck tailgate hinge system that allows the bed length to extend to 83.6'' with the tailgate down. With the tailgate up, the R1T bed measures 54'', with a 45.5'' overhang past the rear tires making it easier to get around and park every day.
With the R1T, you can bring the crew’s mountain bikes and lay sheets of plywood flat. Between the wheel arches measures over 50''. A load-bearing panel eliminates the gap when the tailgate is down, creating a continuously flat surface from front to back. This helps when positioning larger cargo.
The entire bed is made from reinforced, compression-molded structural composite and is resistant to both corrosion and wear. There are two LED lights, one on each side, that turn on automatically when the tailgate opens.


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The R1T tailgate opens automatically and can be controlled through the app, fob, in-vehicle controls or a button on the bed rail. On the bed walls, forged steel tie-downs in each corner help strap in heavy cargo. On the bed rails above, there are four additional tie-downs that double as mounting points for our Cargo Crossbars. On the bed wall near the tailgate are two 15-amp, 110-volt plugs.


A photo in this story

A photo in this story

Underneath the bed is another versatile and lockable storage space. Large enough for our full-size spare, it’s weather- and dust-proof so you don’t have to worry when it rains or when you dump in a load of topsoil. A drain plug at the bottom means it can even become a convenient cooler while you’re sitting on the tailgate.


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Two lockable tonneau cover options turn the entire bed into an extra 29 cubic feet of secure, weatherproof storage space. Our powered cover retracts using the app, in-vehicle controls or a button on the bed rail. Our manual cover is easily removed in four lightweight panels that can be stored in the Gear Tunnel. Both covers have been designed to support 4 feet of snow.
Our in-bed air compressor enables you to fill anything from your truck’s tires to giant inflatables at the lake. And with a maximum pressure of 150 psi, you can inflate just about anything. We also offer an accessory kit that stores conveniently in the Gear Tunnel door with a hose that reaches each tire and multiple adapters.


A photo in this story

A photo in this story

A photo in this story

We designed our truck bed like it was a piece of gear, ready to help in any situation.



The R1T trailer hitch is there when you need it, and hidden when you don’t. A cover designed to improve aerodynamics comes off quickly by removing two retaining screws, revealing a 2'' Class V receiver rated for a 1,155 lbs. tongue weight. Trailer light and brake controls are provided via a 7-pin connector.
No matter what you’re towing, the R1T’s adaptive air suspension helps keep your truck level, even when pulling 11,000 pounds.


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In an upcoming post, we’ll share details of the R1T interior. We’re planning a similar tour of the key interior and exterior features of the R1S as well.
In the meantime, to find more answers and ask more questions, visit
rivian.com/support for online help and to reach us by chat, phone or email. Our Customer Service Specialists are available Mon-Fri, 8AM to 8PM CT.


A photo in this story

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