Here you can find all the changes Rivian made to pricing of the R1T pickup. All new price increases should be included here in detail, but if anything is missing feel free to add it below.

"Here’s a FULL breakdown I put together of all the changes made to pricing for the Rivian R1T.

It covers everything from the new battery pack and paint prices, all the way down to the cost of the floor mats.

I know we’ve got some mixed feelings about the changes made, but either way I wanted to make a chart that showcased what features were impacted the most.

Outside of the battery and motors, the biggest impacts seem to be various paint colors, the Ocean Coast interior, and tonneau covers.

I’ll put an additional chart in the comments that highlights the options that were selected for the “Example Configuration Price” section in the bottom right. This is/was my personal configuration, which went up in price by over 20%.

Did I miss anything? What part are you most surprised about?"

A member in one the bigger FB groups created this breakdown.
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